Translation Policy :

Our goal is to provide a good communication of our website to our visitors in their native language.
To achieve this, we make great efforts to translate as much text as possible into the many different languages used by our audience.

Our translations are prepared to the following guidelines:

1. The source language is UK English is headquartered in the UK and issues its communications in UK English, whether on paper or over the Internet. All content on is therefore prepared initially in UK English and then translated into other languages.

2. UK English content can be published in other language versions of the site Content written in UK English can be published in pages belonging to other language versions of the site, and so it is acceptable to mix UK English and another language on the same page. This can happen for the following reasons:

2.a. Content is published before it has been translated
Our primary concern is to publish accurate information in a timely manner and it is often imperative that we publish content as soon as it is released. We therefore publish time-sensitive content in UK English across all language versions before we start the translation process.

2.b. Content cannot be translated
For legal or technical reasons some content published on cannot be translated. Such documentation includes technical specifications or regulatory notifications. Content that cannot be translated will therefore remain in UK English.

3. If you spot any errors in the translations we have prepared, or would like to give feedback on the website in any way, please browse to our contacts page.

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